Politehnica Timisoara is more than just a simple football club. It is a good of the comunity which acts in its best interest. The clubs fans have a song: „şi dacă trebuie, putem face orice, ca mereu ţie să-ţi fie cât mai bine!”(direct translation: “and if we must, we cand do anything so that you can thrive!”). That is why we try, with every chance we get, to transform these lyrics into actions.

We are proud to announce that the Romanian international and goalkeeper of English club Manchester City, Costel Fane Pantilimon, has not forgotten where he started and has decided to join us for a common cause: to improve the life of two young boys. Panti has offerd us a violet, autographed goalkeeper jersey from Manchester City so that Druckeria along with ASU Politehnica Timişoara can organise an auction for this item and all the raised money can be donated to the cause mentioned earlier.

Alex and Radu are two boys who have faced the difficulties of life ever since it began for them. Both have been diagnosed with autism, and now their entire life gravitates around therapy sessions and different specialised facilities. Their mother does everything she can to offer them a better life but she still needs help. Our help,our support, as a community.

This is why we ask you to bid for Costel Pantilimon’s jersey and to improve the life of two youngsters offering them the support they need, all through a simple gesture.

You can find details about the Boian family on their Facebook pages:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Radu-si-autismul/510179339076178?ref=ts&fref=ts and


The auction will be carried through comments posted in the comment box below. The starting price is 59 euros, the price of a normal T-shirt in the Manchester City official store.

Bids for the auction can also be sent via e-mail, at sebastian.novovic@sspolitehnica.ro, for all of you who want to bid but don’t use a Facebook account.